2019 + Earlier

Spring 2019

Excerpts from my RISD Foundations Final Drawing series //

Sculpture //

‘Letter to a broken asshole’

Cut, and burnt wood, plaster, nails.
10” at its tallest peice.

‘Deconstructed Electronic Bust’

dismantled monitor, keyboard, and reciept printer.
roughly 12” tall

Digital Work //

Exerpts from a digital manifesto..


‘Diagrams of a foam form’
digital drawings.

Summer 2019

‘Cork 01

Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas 25” x 36”

‘Cork 02’

Acrylic Paint and Resin on Wood 24” x 48”

‘Cork 03’

Acrylic Paint on Stretched Sheet Cork. 50 “ x  48”

‘Cork 04’

Acrylic Paint on segment of old door. 28” x 40”

‘come, sit’

dismantled chair parts.

Fall 2018

‘Privacy Scroll’
Guache, acrylic paint, and pen on paper.

‘Modernist Birdhouse’

‘Stool - Shelf - Table’

Exerpts from my Fall Drawing series //


notable Super Early Work //

‘Oxbow Final Project’

Spring 2017
MDF Wood Block and Prints.

RISD application project
Fall 2017



Acrylic Paint on Hinged Wood sculpture

Fall 2017