‘Undulated Vessel’

Dual Semi-Shared Residence
Undisclosed hillside lot in New Hampshire hills
Fall 2019

Earth and atmosphere define our environment. As the two forces interact, change occurs, transformation: they mix, heave, churn, flow all at once. This incessant interplay of protuberant elements forges a balance out of the chaotic exchange. We, humanity, exist among this interplay, nestled inside, defined by its irascible, cyclical nature. As such, our pompous zeal incessantly seeks to control the present, define the moment, like celestial beavers: hindering the flow of time by demarcating space, forging boundaries. We hide below our walls, humbled by our own civilizing touch, all the while assuming ascendancy. Time ignores us, despite our grandiose might: we cannot withhold the sands without the hourglass. Architecture becomes but a vessel to the fragmented, entropic dance of time.

The domestic, communal structure is based in transformation and interaction. The vessel examines all that pass through, democratizing and humbling materials apace with people. Its walls emerge from the terrain as to allow the structure to exist in a moment of a much larger system. The globemaker and the papermaker may define its gaps now, humanizing the air with windows and roofs, but like the timber of this infill, they too shall reabsorb into the earth with time. We are all but ants on a carpet, ignorant to the miles above us, lost in the forrest of shag.

model views

techtonic diagram

roof plan

interior Section

Papermakers Space + shared Kitchen

Globemakers Space + Shared Gallery

interior sections